Christmas Shoebox Appeal

For the last number of years, our school has participated in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal and we did so once again this year! The children and families of our school were very generous this Christmas bringing in shoeboxes filled with lovely gifts for boys and girls who are less fortunate than them. The Christmas Shoe box Appeal is part of the Team Hope foundation,

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Green Schools Travel Flag

Green Schools Travel FlagWe are working on our 4th Green Flag which is on the travel theme! We are encouraging as many children as possible to car pool and also to use the school bus! If possible we would love to see more walking and cycling to school but due to unsafe roads we would like parents to accompany their child/ren if possible to

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The Red Cross visit to our school!


Introductory Statement This plan was drafted by the Principal of Doolin NS. The draft was circulated to all teachers and was considered at a subsequent staff meeting.  Following detailed discussions, it was amended to respond to the needs of our school. Rationale We have decided to formulate a whole school plan at this time as a logical follow-on from having participated in in-service in

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