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Green Schools  – Travel

We are working on our 4th Green Flag which is on the travel theme! We are encouraging as many children as possible to car pool and also to use the school bus! If possible we would love to see more walking and cycling to school but due to unsafe roads we would like parents to accompany their child/ren if possible to make it a safer experience.  Even if you live too far away to walk all the way why not park and stride for the last leg of the journey and make it more enjoyable!

As part of Climate Action Week we launched our Travel Tree! Our great green schools committee designed a tree and lots of different colour leaves!  When the children travel to school ‘green’ they put a leaf on the tree.

Children will receive a leaf for the following greener ways of travelling to school!:
Travel by Bus
Park and Striding

Having received green flags for Litter and Waste, Energy conservation and Water conservation, we are enjoying working on this theme.  Luckily as being part of the travel flag all children in the school will receive basic bike fixing skills and cycle training free of charge from Roisin Garvey Green Schools Travel Education Officer.

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  • February 10, 2017
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