About Us

Doolin N.S. as it is today was built in 1946 and opened in 1947. It was built by Burkes of Galway.

The Parish Priest was Canon Lydon. At the time it was a flat roofed building without electricity, running water or central heating. The toilets were located at the back of the shelter in the yard. The roof was raised & toilet facilities were improved in following years.

In 2008 Doolin N.S received funding to add additional accommodation. A classroom, learning support room & office were completed by Christmas 2008.

In 2009 the Board of Management purchased a small piece of ground adjacent to the school. Doolin N.S. received funding from the Department of Education to construct a carpark in this area. Prior to this there was no car parking facilities. In September 2009 work was completed on this.

The old school was located adjacent to the new school. It catered for the children of the Doolin area. The old school was built in in the 1860’s by the McNamara family who were the landlords of the area. The school was a two storey stone building, two classrooms upstairs for boys and two classrooms downstairs for girls. The stone steps outside led to the upper part of the building. The toilets were outside in the yard. Turf was provided by the parents to heat the school.

Teachers and children transferred to the new school in 1947. In 1947 the numbers were in the region of 110-115 pupils.